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A spiritual, poetic, and feminist approach to reclaiming our own narratives.

“Mountains are waves that have surrendered to stillness”

What does surrender look like to you? This is the question I have been grappling with during a year defined by uncertainty. …

learning comes with error: it is necessary, soft, buoyant and extremely human.

from pushthemovement tumblr

To heal, one must acknowledge the wound. To acknowledge the wound we must also recognise the fault that brought it.

I am here to make the case for error. Not the romanticised error that makes you melancholic about…

what do COP26, a plant, and our bodies have to do with each other?

collage by Virginia Vigliar

Everything that stops growing starts to decay.

This is a truth in nature; plants and animals (including ourselves) are constantly giving us this example.

I have noticed a preoccupying use of words around the problems of…

from ballroom culture to rebranding holiness, to social justice: this month we enter the world of photographer Rey Fernandez.

Rey Fernandez

I grew up in the cradle of the Catholic religion. The Pope lives a few kilometres from my home. Every church you walk into in Rome is impressive, they ooze opulence and you can feel the weight of history. I find it both infuriating and artful.

While I am grateful…

Thoughts on why the abortion ban is an attack on love and pleasure.

Self portrait, Cecilia Granara 2021

Much of the narrative that I have observed these past weeks around the abortion ban focuses on rape and incest and the fact that even in these cases a woman is unable to choose whether to keep her child or not. ⁣

Whilst I do not want to take away from…

Virginia Vigliar

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